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Big Green Surgical is a leading provider of Health Care Solutions in Australia and New Zealand; combining a passion for surgical innovation with an unrivalled commitment to our customers. We are proud to partner with leading global suppliers within therapeutic areas such as bariatrics, patient positioning, laparoscopic access, and smoke evacuation; to improve surgical outcomes with a focus on sustainability.

ANZMOSS 2023 Conference Showcase


Panther Healthcare was founded in 2002. Panther is the leading provider of intelligent minimally invasive surgical solutions in the PRC. Panther designs, develops, manufactures, and markets surgical devices, with a focus on surgical staplers, and customised surgical training.*

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The MiniMIZER Ring from Bariatric Solutions is the leading non-adjustable gastric ring for gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. MiniMIZER protects against pouch dilatation and weight regain, as well as dumping syndrome.

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The VisiGi 3D from Boehringer is the first FDA approved calibration tube for sleeve gastrectomy. With better delineation, decompression and dissection, VisiGi can reduce theatre time and chances of stricture when compared with weighted bougies.

Please check regulatory status in your country. Not for in vitro diagnostic use in Australia unless first included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. 

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