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Big Green Surgical is a leading provider of Health Care Solutions in Australia and New Zealand; combining a passion for surgical innovation with an unrivalled commitment to our customers. We are proud to partner with leading global suppliers within therapeutic areas such as bariatrics, patient positioning, laparoscopic access, and smoke evacuation; to improve surgical outcomes with a focus on sustainability.

VPNG 2023 Conference Showcase

For nearly 30 years, Xodus Medical has focused on improving patient and healthcare-worker safety. Xodus Medical offers perioperative leaders a complete set of resources designed to reduce preventable injury risk. With key products Pink Pad and the new Pink Pad Air assist which offer patient skin protection, patient stability in both Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg as well as Lift-free transfer and repositioning for patients of all sizes.


CIMPAX is a leading Danish medical device manufacturer that is committed to providing high-quality surgical products. With a focus on sustainability and safety, CIMPAX is dedicated to delivering premium single-use surgical instruments of the highest quality to healthcare providers worldwide. Specalising in the manufacturing of electrosurgery and smoke evacuation products, and laparoscopic instruments. Each product is designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers and their patients.

I.C Medical are market leaders in surgical smoke collection and evacuation with over 30 years of research and development in the field of surgical smoke evacuation, that is all conducted completely in house at the manufacturing facility in Arizona, USA. Providing the advanced Crystal Vision® surgical smoke evacuation and filtration system, the Telescopic PenEvac® electrocautery pencil, surgical smoke evacuation filters and sensors, and other surgical smoke evacuation system accessories, helping to deliver a safe theatre environment for patients and practitioners.

Specializing in manufacturing of medical products, for over a decade OKLand Auckland Medical delivers innovative, practical and high-quality products that assist with patient comfort and safety.

OKLand Patient Return Electrode (PRE) Pad effectively reduces pressure injuries and removes the need for disposable sticky plates during diathermy procedures, removing any risk of patient harm due to pad-site burns.

Ruhof is an innovator and leading manufacturer renowned for offering reliable solutions to help meet and exceed decontamination and materials management challenges. A pioneer in instrument and scope care, helping address the ever-increasing concern of cross contamination in hospitals, through dedication to research, development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art products to ensure the complete cleaning and reprocessing of all surgical instruments and scopes.

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