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Quality Policy

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As an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, Big Green Surgical is committed to ensuring continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations to better serve our customers.

Our Quality Policy

We aim to add value for all interested parties every time they deal with our people, products, or support services. Interested parties include external providers, customers (buyers, end users and patients affected by our products and services), our staff, and subsidiary companies in the Diploma PLC family.

We create a consistent and positive experience, through the following commitments:

  • We comply with all applicable legal and statutory obligations, standards and codes of practice and provide a safe and secure workplace for our staff and customers.

  • The Management team takes accountability for maintaining the standard of ISO 9001 certification, ensuring it is communicated and understood across the organisation.

  • We embrace the principles of continuous improvement to improve our business at every opportunity. Our processes are continuously measured for effectiveness and improved as required.

  • When there is a shortfall in our people, products, or service, we establish the root cause and take the necessary corrective and preventive action.

  • Our company objectives are set and reviewed yearly by the Management Team and the business sets targets which are measured monthly to ensure the objectives are met.

  • Everyone who works at Abacus dx and Big Green Surgical is part of our Quality Management System and actively contributes to our quality policy commitments.

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