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A new era of Cryosurgery

Introducing CryoPen, a high-performance, ergonomic cryotherapy pen for medical and aesthetic use. CryoPen's leading-edge technology revolutionizes the treatment of benign skin lesions for practitioners and patients alike.

Why CryoPen?

CryoPen sets a new standard for the cryogenic treatment of benign skin lesions. It's a modern, convenient solution that responds to the needs of both practitioners and patients. No preparation is needed, so you can treat your patient right away, in the exam room - fast, effective and painless treatment with little to no scarring, and minimal aftercare.

  • Anytime, anywhere
    With no special storage conditions, CryoPen is as mobile as you are - keep it with you when you're on the go. Cartridges can be stored anywhere, at room temperature.

  • Switch cartridges in seconds
    No more unwieldy, heavy liquid nitrogen canisters to store and maneuver. When an N20 cartridge is empty, just remove it, load a new one, and get back to work fast.

  • A range of applicators for perfect control
    Choose the most suitable applicator size for the lesion to be treated - from micro-applicators when you need pinpoint precision, to larger ones when you need more coverage.

Incredibly precise, fast and easy to use

CryoPen destroys lesions with no damage to surrounding tissue, achieving extremely low temperatures (-89°C) at 3mm depth in just 15 seconds.

Empowering practitioners by innovating cryosurgery


H&O Equipments, unwavering commitment to advancing the boundaries of cryosurgical innovation drives us to develop and provide the most advanced technological solutions available. By continually pushing the limits of what is possible in cryosurgery, we aim to empower healthcare professionals to deliver precise, personalized, and transformative patient care.


Through a relentless pursuit of excellence and collaboration with medical experts, H&O Equipments aspires to set new standards in cryosurgical advancements, revolutionising healthcare and improving the lives of individuals worldwide. If you are a medical or medical aesthetics professional, you can start using CryoPen right away and transform your service offering instantly.

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