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  • Terms and Conditions | Big Green | Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions The following terms and conditions constitute the understanding between Big Green Surgical and the customer in relation to the sale of goods and services and override any conditions which may differ or be expressed in the customer's documentation. These terms supersede all prior arrangements between parties whether written, oral or otherwise unless specifically varied in writing by a duly authorised officer of Big Green Surgical. Sale Conditions By placing an order with Big Green Surgical, the customer is taken to have agreed to these terms and conditions. All orders must be supplied with a valid purchase order number. All amounts are due and payable within the period noted on the invoice: Australia - NETT 30 days from invoice date New Zealand - 20th day of month following invoice date All instrument invoices are payable within 14 days of invoice date Big Green Surgical reserves the right to vary, suspend or withdraw credit should the account holder fail to pay all monies owed to Big Green Surgical on any account by the due date. The account holder acknowledges that any goods purchased from Big Green Surgical on credit terms remain the property of Big Green Surgical not withstanding that they may be in transit or actually delivered to the account holder, until the whole purchase price has been paid, in cash. Cheques or other negotiable securities given by the account to Big Green Surgical shall not be deemed as cash until cleared. Risk in the Goods passes to the account holder upon delivery, but property in and title to the goods shall remain with Big Green Surgical until payment is fully received. Pricing Upon acceptance pricing is valid for 12 months at which time it may be reviewed: Big Green Surgical reserves the right to review prices according to a number of factors including the consumer price index (CPI), supplier price rises and the exchange rate. Customers will be given due notice of any price changes. Acceptance of a proposal from Big Green Surgical by either a purchase order or acknowledgement on the quotation will be deemed acceptance of the pricing quoted and the terms of trade. Acceptance of a quotation beyond the valid to date may require a price revision and a new quotation issued. All prices listed on all quotations, proposals and tax invoices are exclusive of GST. Delivery All purchase orders are subject to a freight and handling fee of $30.00 / delivery. Purchase orders are accepted by telephone, fax or e-mail. Upon receipt of a purchase order Big Green Surgical will provide a same day despatch for in stock items. Deadlines for orders requiring the same day despatch must be received by Big Green Surgical as follows: Australia - 3 p.m. AEST New Zealand - 2 p.m. NZST For urgent requirements, air freight or same day delivery can be organised upon request at an additional expense to the customer. Any additional freight costs will be quoted for customer acceptance prior. For temperature sensitive freight we do not despatch on the last business day of the week or prior to a public holiday. All perishable products are shipped packaged with cooling blocks. All orders are shipped via road freight from our Warehouses. For your convenience, all products may be ordered on scheduled despatch dates. Product expiry dates will be checked to ensure they exceed the next scheduled despatch date. Payment Big Green Surgical accepts EFT Direct Bank Payment transfers and Cheques for payment of all invoices. All EFT Payments must be accompanied with a remittance advice, via fax or e-mail. Credit Account Application Forms and Direct Credit Forms can be obtained by contacting Big Green Surgical. Returns and Claims The customer must inspect the goods promptly upon delivery. If the customer considers that the goods are not in accordance with their purchase order, the customer should contact Big Green Surgical within 5 days in order to claim for a return or exchange of the goods. No credit will be issued or product returned without proper authorisation from Big Green Surgical. Big Green Surgical reserves the right to charge a "restocking fee" for orders that have been approved for return. Warranty Big Green Surgical warrants that the products supplied are free from defects in material and workmanship and conform to the manufacturer's specifications. Big Green Surgical makes no other warranties, express or implied, including but without limitation, warranties of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose. Contact Us CALL AU 1300 244 473 NZ 0800 424 769 ​ 46 Albert Street Preston VIC 3072 Australia ​ EMAIL Submit Thanks for submitting! >

  • Contact Us | Big Green Surgical

    Get In Touch We are a trusted partner of a growing customer base and recognised as a provider of surgical solutions across surgical specialties. BGS is supported by an experienced, caring and trusted team of industry professionals. ​ Big Green – The name is synonymous with market leading smoke solutions, electrosurgical innovation and dedicated service. We retain our small company focused approach for servicing our growing list of customers. Big Green takes great pride in the products we represent. From day one, we have maintained a firm commitment to providing our customers with solutions that are driven by differentiation; emphasising best clinical patient outcomes, clinical efficiencies and surgical preferences. We understand the complexities of clinical needs and it is our mission to deliver innovative solutions that drive positive change. CALL AU 1300 244 473 NZ 0800 424 769 ​ 46 Albert Street Preston VIC 3072 Australia ​ EMAIL Submit Thanks for submitting! >

  • Healthcare Solutions, Surgical Products Australia, New Zealand

    BIG GREEN SURGICAL Big Green Surgical is a leading provider of specialised healthcare solutions for Australia and New Zealand hospitals. Scroll Down Product Categories Surgical Plume Products View Products Bariatric Surgery Products View Products CSSD & Endoscopy Products View Products Patient Positioning Products View Products Electrosurgery Products View Products Laparoscopic Surgery Products View Products Customer Feedback "We put the Anaesthetic Nurse in charge of positioning the patient with the Pink Pad. It's awesome the best there is!" - Sarah "Your time and commitment to education at Redcliffe Hospital is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to your ongoing involvement." - Dr Mcdonald, Director of Clinical Training "Thanks so much again for all your help running the trail, you were amazing & the support shown by you and your company staying the entire time was very helpful!" - Anna Mailing List Contact Us CALL AU 1300 244 473 NZ 0800 424 769 ​ 46 Albert Street Preston VIC 3072 Australia ​ EMAIL Submit Thanks for submitting! >

  • Privacy policy | Big Green

    Privacy Policy Scope This Privacy Policy is provided in compliance with the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 to make you aware of how Big Green Surgical collects, uses, and manages your personal information. Collection of Information We usually collect personal information about individuals directly from those individuals or their authorised representative. We sometimes collect personal information from a third party or from a publicly available source, but only if the individual has consented to such collection or would reasonably expect us to collect their personal information in this way. Big Green Surgical will only collect information that is used to conduct our business functions or activities. ​ This includes the following details: Name, title and position description Business address, business phone, fax and e-mail Personal data/interests related to specialised marketing & customer loyalty programs Personal information that is not required for business or would be inappropriate is not collected. Sensitive information or Government identifiers are not collected or recorded. Use and Disclosure We only use information for the purposes for which we collected it – purposes which are directly related to one of our functions or activities. Information will not be disclosed to another organisation within the same or any industry for commercial use. From time to time, personal information may be shared with Big Green Surgical New Zealand. Customer information may be disclosed to a third party (usually another customer) as a reference or to assist in technical support or service issues. Disclosure will occur only upon verbal agreement with the customer whose records are concerned. ​ Customer information may be disclosed to a third party in cases where: ​ Big Green Surgical has the consent of the customer concerned Big Green Surgical is required by law or legal process to make the disclosure Data Security We take steps to protect the personal information we hold against loss, unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure, and against other misuse. ​ The security of the data is ensured through implementation of the following: Prevention of loss of data through documented back-up procedures Prevention of data being stolen through isolation and daily lock-up of all electronic records Prevention of hacking – no external connection to server. All external communications occur through a router equipped with a firewall Prevention of manipulation of data – all access to customer data through either our customer relationship management database or our accounting database are password protected. The database managers can view all changes and who made them. When the personal information that we collect is no longer required, we destroy or delete it in a secure manner. Openness On request, this document outlining information handling will be available to any customer or person whose records are held by Big Green Surgical. You have the right to view any personal information that we hold about you and you can ask us to correct the personal information we hold about you. This does not include sales history or information which may directly affect future sales negotiations. Customers have the opportunity to request removal from the contact database at any time or to refuse marketing material and other communications. You can unsubscribe from our email list by using the ‘unsubscribe’ options noted in our emails. Variation of Privacy Policy and How to Contact Us Big Green Surgical may change this privacy policy from time to time to keep in line with current legislation. Big Green Surgical will update its website to reflect the new privacy policy. If a customer disagrees with changes that are made to the privacy policy, or (a) feels that Big Green Surgical is not complying with this privacy policy (b) wishes to seek access to their personal information (c) or has any other privacy concerns ​ They can contact us via: email: postal address: Big Green Surgical 46 Albert Street, Preston, Vic 3172 phone: 1300 244 473 (AUS) or 0800 424 769 (NZ) Contact Us CALL AU 1300 244 473 NZ 0800 424 769 ​ 46 Albert Street Preston VIC 3072 Australia ​ EMAIL Submit Thanks for submitting! >

  • The Company | Big Green

    Our Company We are a trusted partner of a growing customer base and recognised as a provider of surgical solutions across surgical specialties. BGS is supported by an experienced, caring and trusted team of industry professionals. At Big Green Surgical we take great pride in the products we represent. We maintain a firm commitment to providing our customers with solutions that are driven by differentiation: emphasising patient outcomes and clinical efficiencies whilst providing a clear commercial benefit. We understand the complexities of our environment and deliver health care benefits that drive positive change for our customers. BGS is owned by Diploma Healthcare Group (DHG). DHG is the hospital and laboratories partner of choice for specialty medical devices, surgical equipment and IVD products. Diploma PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange. >

  • Our Brand Partners | Big Green

    Our Partners Contact Us CALL AU 1300 244 473 NZ 0800 424 769 ​ 46 Albert Street Preston VIC 3072 Australia ​ EMAIL Submit Thanks for submitting! >

  • Resources | Big Green

    Resources Visit our Library of Ruhof Chemistries Material Safety Data Sheets. >

  • Covid19 Response | Big Green | Covid19 Response

    Covid-19 Response Big Green Surgical is committed to the safety of all employees, their families, its customers and our suppliers. Over the past 10 weeks we have adapted to a new way of living and working. We at Big Green have implemented strategies and activities to safeguard staff, operations and business activities. Early on a Management Committee was initiated to adjust both Big Green Surgical’s COVID-19 response approach in line with the local Government and Diploma PLC guidelines. The following measures were undertaken to protect the employees and to ensure the continuity of business: Regular updates and Guidelines on Coronavirus were distributed to all employees by senior management, based on Australian Federal and State Government Guidelines and the New Zealand Government and DIPLOMA PLC Guidelines, All non-critical travel was postponed, Additional hygiene processes were introduced at offices to minimise the potential COVID-19 spread, The Business Continuity Plan was developed which included discussions with Tender Contract Managers, supply chain partners, freight forwarders and road engagement and road freight line companies, A clear plan was raised for employees who were to remain at the offices for critical business reasons, including social distancing, The warehouse has split shifts, COVID-19 safety Guidelines were introduced at the Safety meetings, Big Green reminded employees of the Mental Health programs already in place and provided additional organisations’ names for assistance, Employees were reminded that if they were unwell, they should work from home, take time off and if necessary be tested for COVID-19. We have continued with support for our customers via virtual product in-services and training. Big Green values your business and it is our commitment to keep our customers informed as we commence our return to normal working arrangements. In preparation for the return to normal working arrangements Big Green Surgical is implementing the following: Funding Flu injections for all staff Undergoing COVID-19 training for all employees Providing PPE and hygiene products for field employees Please link to the Johnny Thompson, Chief Executive Office of Diploma PLC as he thanks all those in the front line - Contact Us CALL AU 1300 244 473 NZ 0800 424 769 ​ 46 Albert Street Preston VIC 3072 Australia ​ EMAIl Submit Thanks for submitting! >

  • Patient Positioning | Big Green Surgical

    Patient Positioning Xodus Heart Pad EXT Kits Prevents Hospital Acquired Patient Injuries formation and prevents unwanted moisture Product Code/s XD40598 Cardiac Patient Positioning System - with lift sheet; body strap XD40601 Cardiac Patient Positioning System - with Head Rest, Arm Protectors, lift sheet, body strap XD40602 Cardiac Patient Positioning System - with Standard Arm Protectors; lift sheet; body strap Product Brochure Xodus Pink Protect ICU Kit Unique design tailored to the requirements of Intensive Care and Critical Care Units Kit includes: Side Prone Headrest Dual Layer Pads in Standard & Large Pink Arcs Product Code/s XD40780 Product Brochure Xodus Reverse Trendeleburg Kit Anatomically designed to enhance patient safety Uniquely designed seat The soft, breathable material reduces risk of surgical pressure injuries Product Code/s XD40640 With Arm protectors XD40418 Large (4 Case) XD40433 (4 Case) Product Brochure Xodus Hip Kit® Smith & Nephew Table Go Postless Eliminates nerve injury risk Protect delicate skin from tears Avoid pressure injury to the groin Reduce post-operative pain & recovery times Greater range of motion during surgery No change to surgical technique Kits also available for the Hana table XDHIP40615H Product Code/s XDHIP40614SN Product Brochure Xodus Surgical Backpack® Spinal Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery With protective layer of DermaProx to safeguard skin and sensitive tissue Maximise patient safety while minimising preventable injuries Preconfigured to fit most tables Product Code/s XDSPK10251 Product Brochure Xodus Pink Pad® Prevent unwanted patient movement, including in steep Trendelenburg Prevent nerve damage Prevent surgical pressure injury Wick away moisture Maintain neutral temperature Available in Standard, XL and Cardiac Pad Product Code/s XD40580 The Pink Pad: Patient Positioning System XD40581 The Pink Pad: Patient Positioning System w/ Arm Protectors XD40583 The Pink Pad XL: Patient Positioning System XD40584 The Pink Pad XL: Patient Positioning System w/ Arm Protectors Product Brochure 1 1 ... 1 ... 1 >

  • Electrosurgery Products | Big Green Surgical

    Electrosurgery Products Alimtype Bayonet Reusable Bi Polar Forceps ​ Product Code/s AMA701-175BS Bayonet Straight AMA701-175BA Bayonet Angled AMA701-200BS Bayonet Straight AMA701-200BA Bayonet Angled AMA701-200BS Bayonet Irrigating Product Brochure Alimtype Non-Stick Reusable Bi Polar Forceps Significant reduction of tissue adhesion to tips Reduced tissue trauma Highly conductive tip greatly reduces heat Product Code/s AMA701-115S / NS Micro Jewellers AMA701-150BIA / NS Adson AMA701-150BI / NS Cushing Straight AMA701-200BS / NS Jansen Bayonet Product Brochure Alimtype Reusable Bi Polar Cable - Angled To suit twin pin forceps Angled instrument plug 3 metres Silicone construction Product Code AMSW46200A Product Brochure Alimtype Reusable Bi Polar Cables To suit twin pin forceps V-16 Rounded instrument plug 3 metre Silicone construction ​ Product Brochure Alimtype Reusable Mono Polar Cables 900-02MJ/900-06ST 5/32 screw fitting to 8mm machine plug Reusable 3 metres Product Code/s AM90006ST/02MJ Product Brochure Alimtype Reusable Mono Polar Cables 900-02MJ / 900-05SF 4mm pin to 8mm machine plug 3 metre Product Code/s AM90005SF/02MJ Product Brochure 1 2 3 1 ... 1 2 3 ... 3 >

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