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  • Think Pink for Patient Positioning | Big Green

    Think Pink for Patient Positioning The safest, most clinically proven and preferred Trendelenburg positioning solution​ ​ Key Features: ​ Material Differences Clinical leaders in the world’s top hospitals trust the Pink Pad’s patented, HAPI-reducing material to maximize patient safety and eliminate sliding in steep Trendelenburg ​ Prevent Patient Sliding The Pink Pad is the safest, most effective solution for reducing unwanted movement in steep Trendelenburg; even for heavy, high-BMI patients. ​ Reduce Risk of Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPIs) The Pink Pad’s totally unique, open-cell material is breathable, moisture-wicking, insulative, soft-to-the-touch, immersive, and enveloping. Independent studies prove that the Pink Pad reduces erythema compared with other positioning solutions. ​ Eliminate Brachial Plexus Injury Risk The Pink Pad is clinically proven to reduce post-operative pain in surgical patients. It functions without placing pressure on the head, neck, or shoulders; thereby eliminating the risk of preventable nerve injuries. ​ Pink Pad’s patented, HAPI-reducing material Pink Pad Advanced Trendelenburg XL XD40583 (100 x 50 x 2.5cm) Box of 4 Pink Pad Advanced Trendelenburg XD40580 (73 x 50 x 2.5cm) Box of 6 Download Flyer > Download Brochure > One-Step™ Trendelenburg Arm Protectors The One-Step™ Trendelenburg Arm Protectors safeguard the patient's arm, ulnar nerve and fingers from injury during stirrup adjustment. ​ ​ Key Features: ​ One-Step™ saves time and money Protects fingers and hands from injury during stirrup adjustments Inreases patient safety during robotic procedures Establishes a universal standard of care Protects patient from nerve injury Safeguards against tissue breakdown Help natural anatomical positioning of hand, wrist and arm Permits easy access to fingers and IV site ​ Download Brochure >

  • Healthcare Solutions, Surgical Products Australia, New Zealand

    Top Top Big Green Surgical Big Green Surgical is a leading provider of specialised healthcare solutions for Australia and New Zealand hospitals. Scroll Down Products Partnering with leading surgical smoke evacuation capital & consumables, surgical instruments, bariatric products, chemistries, patient positioning devices and other latest medical device technologies. Product Categories Surgical Plume Products View Products Bariatric Surgery Products View Products CSSD & Endoscopy Products View Products Intensive and Critical Care Unit Products View Products Patient Positioning Products View Products Electrosurgery Products View Products Laparoscopic Surgery Products View Products Feedback Customer Feedback Sarah We put the Anaesthetic Nurse in charge of positioning the patient with the Pink Pad. It's awesome the best there is! Dr Mcdonald Director of Clinical Training Your time and commitment to education at Redcliffe Hospital is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to your ongoing involvement. Anna Thanks so much again for all your help running the trial, you were amazing & the support shown by you and your company staying the entire time was very helpful! Contact Us Contact Us > Contact Us AU 1300 244 473 | NZ 0800 424 769 ​ Head Office - Brisbane 34 Corporate Drive, Cannon Hill QLD 4170 Australia ​ Melbourne Office Le vel 3, 369 Royal Parade , Parkville VIC 3052 Australia ​ Auckland Office Unit B, 30 Vestey Drive, Mt Wellington, Auckland NZ Email Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Intensive and Critical Care Unit Products

    Intensive and Critical Care Unit Biovo Cuffix Pressure Regulator The first disposable continuous cuff pressure regulator, with built-in precision pressure gauge. Cuffix automatically adjusts cuff balloon pressure to keep it stable at the desired safe range. Continuous ETT cuff monitoring for up to ten days. Disposable per-patient use With a light indicator for distance assessment Light weight Ease of Use Product Brochure Biovo B-Care Oral Toothbrush B-Care Oral Care ensures thorough cleaning and hydration of the oral cavity for the intubated patients to prevent infections. Patients go home with healthy teeth and gums. Unique 360 degrees atraumatic brush Soft wide bristles Maintains healthy teeth & gums Flexible loading of disinfection fluids from any source into the pipette Suction tube which can be used continuously during the mouth toilet Simple one pack per shift Compact and flexible kit Swab for moisturising lips Product Brochure Xodus Pink Protect ICU Kit Unique design tailored to the requirements of Intensive Care and Critical Care Units Kit Includes: Side Prone Headrest Dual Layer Pads in Standard & Large Pink Arcs Product Brochure 1 1 ... 1 ... 1 >

  • Bariatric Surgery Products | Big Green Surgical

    Bariatric Surgery MiniMizer Gastric Ring Made of medical grade bio-inert silicone and is a certified medical implant. MiniMizer Gastric ring can be used for: Sleeve Gastrectomy Gastric Bypass Omega Loop / Mini Bypass This gastric ring helps patients change their eating behaviours and reduces potential dilatation.​ Product Brochure Find a Surgeon MiniMizer Revision Gastric Bypass The MiniMIZER RING is a certified surgical implant and is made of medical grade silicone, which means the body does not react to the presence of the ring around the stomach. During a laparoscopic procedure, the surgeon places the MiniMIZER Ring around the lower part of the reduced stomach. The ring is secured with a few stitches to help prevent unlikely slippage. Product Brochure Find a Surgeon ViSiGi3D The first FDA approved calibration system intended for Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy and used extensively in Gastric Bypass procedures. Precise, low- level suction stabilises the internal tissue of the stomach, helping better delineate your staple line, to staple with confidence. Helps prevent stenosis around the incisura by providing crisp delineation with a consistent diameter and blunt tip. Streamline your LSG procedure by going from initial decompression to ultimate leak testing with a single device. Disposable - limiting the sanitisation process. Available in 3 sizes - 32Fr, 36Fr and 40Fr Product Brochure Find a Surgeon Calibration Tube The Tube takes you to Pylorus Station For Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass Procedures Radiopague soft tip infused with barium sulphate for ease of viewing under x-ray. Visible cm marking for the anaesthetist's visualisation. Fingertip connection included for suction control. Adjustable clip to close the Calibration Tube after methylene blue insertion. Available in 5 sizes - 32, 34, 36, 38, 40F Product Brochure Find a Surgeon Endoractor The Endoractor is a cellulose endoscopic sponge for retracting the small intestine. It is inserted laparoscopically, placed into position and uses saline to increase the size of the sponge. Secures a good visual surgical field without the descent of organs No need to use Trendelenburg to position organs Reduces tissue trauma compared to other retractors X-ray detectable Available in size: 20cm, 24cm and Type JL Product Brochure Find a Surgeon MiniMizer Extra Gastric Band An adjustable 2-phase closure gastric band with retaining loops. Preformed for easy positioning. May reduce the need for post-operative adjustments for patients. Fixation can be achieved without the need for plication. For fixation, retaining loops can either be sutured directly to the stomach wall and/or tissue ingrowth will occur naturally to help avoid band slippage. Inner reservoir integrated in band for precise concentric filling. Product Brochure Find a Surgeon 1 2 1 ... 1 2 ... 2 >

  • MSDS | Big Green Surgical

    Material Safety Data Sheet If you would like information about a MSDS that is not here, please send us an email. Ruhof Eco Bedside Kit ​ More Ruhof Endozime AW Plus with APA ​ More Ruhof F.A.C.T.S. ​ More Ruhof Prepclean Forever Wet ​ More Ruhof Surgislip ​ More Ruhof Endozime ​ More Ruhof Endozime Bioclean ​ More Ruhof Orthozime ​ More Ruhof Prepzyme Forever Wet ​ More Ruhof Surgistain ​ More >

  • Electrosurgery Products | Big Green Surgical

    Electrosurgery Products OKLand Reusable Patient Return Electrode Pad Combining the innovative patient return electrode technology: The OKLand Pad is a self-contained current limiting device Eliminates the waste of disposable sticky pads No shaving or searching for an adequate patient pad site No adhesive-related skin irritations and tears Product Brochure Progressive Electrosurgery Tips PTFE coating creates a non-stick surface resisting eschar - saves electrode cleaning time. Product Brochure Progressive Laparoscopic Electrodes Single Use Hand and foot operation available for some products Standard and bariatric size electrodes available for some products Cost effective Product Brochure Progressive Lletz Loops Easy to Use Sterile Single Use: disposable Fine tungsten wire loops Fits most standard electrosurgery pencils Allows accurate specimen collection Product Brochure Alimtype Reusable Bi Polar Cable - Angled To suit twin pin forceps Angled instrument plug 3 metres Silicone construction Product Brochure Alimtype Reusable Mono Polar Cables 900-02MJ / 900-05SF 4mm pin to 8mm machine plug 3 metre Product Brochure 1 2 3 1 ... 1 2 3 ... 3 >

  • Xodus Air Assist | Big Green

    Safer, Easier Patient Transfer and Positioning in Trendelenburg & Reverse-Trendelenburg Integrating The Pink Pad into both top & bottom surfaces ensures proven skin protection, as well as patient stability in both Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg. ​ Combining: Lift-free air assisted positioning for heavy, high BMI patients Proven, secure positioning in Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg Research validated patient protection against Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries Download Brochure > Request a Quote >

  • Panther Staplers | Big Green

    Third largest stapling company globally Panther Healthcare was founded in 2002. Panther is the leading provider of intelligent minimally invasive surgical solutions. Panther designs, develops, manufactures, and markets surgical devices, with a focus on surgical staplers, and customised surgical training. Manufacturing includes vertical integration of cutting-edge tracking systems for every stapler and every reload. Wide range of reload options to align with your current preference. Global customer base, including Europe, North and South America. ​ Smart Stapler Brochure → Endo Linear Cutter Brochure → Endo Linear Cutter Reloads Brochure → Laparoscopic Circular Staplers Brochure → Linear Stapler Flyer → EG Technology Brochure → Ultraseal Brochure → Request a Quote > Please check regulatory status in your country. Not for in vitro diagnostic use in Australia unless first included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

  • BGS ISO9001 Certification | Big Green | Covid19 Response

    Top Health & Safety Policy As an ISO 45001:2018 certified company , Big Green Surgical is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, contractors and visitors. Hazards and risks to health and safety will be eliminated or minimised, as far as is reasonably practicable. We are committed to complying with the Australian and New Zealand federal and state regulations, codes of practice and other safety guidance materials. Our Health & Safety Policy Management will: Ensure the business complies with all legislation relating to health and safety Eliminate or minimise all workplace hazards and risks as far as is reasonably practicable Provide information, instruction and training to enable all workers to work safely Supervise workers to ensure work activities are performed safely Consult with and involve workers on matters relating to health, safety and wellbeing across all areas of the business and create a culture of open communication that allows staff to question and improve OH&S practices without fear of incrimination Provide appropriate safety equipment and personal protective equipment Provide a suitable injury management and return to work program Provide clear and measurable objective/targets regarding OH&S Commit to the period review of continuous improvement of our OH&S management system and a reduction or mitigation of the risks in the business Employees will: Take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others Follow safe work procedures, instructions and rules Participate in safety training Report health and safety hazards Report all injuries and incidents Use safety equipment and personal protective equipment as instructed Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy work environment that is free from workplace injury and illness. This will only be achieved through the participation, co-operation and commitment of everyone in the workplace. View Certificate → ​

  • Privacy policy | Big Green

    Top Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Partnering with leading surgical smoke evacuation capital & consumables, surgical instruments, bariatric products, chemistries, patient positioning devices and other latest medical device technologies. Scope This Privacy Policy is provided in compliance with the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 to make you aware of how Big Green Surgical collects, uses, and manages your personal information. Collection of Information We usually collect personal information about individuals directly from those individuals or their authorised representative. We sometimes collect personal information from a third party or from a publicly available source, but only if the individual has consented to such collection or would reasonably expect us to collect their personal information in this way. Big Green Surgical will only collect information that is used to conduct our business functions or activities. ​ This includes the following details: Name, title and position description Business address, business phone, fax and e-mail Personal data/interests related to specialised marketing & customer loyalty programs Personal information that is not required for business or would be inappropriate is not collected. Sensitive information or Government identifiers are not collected or recorded. Use and Disclosure We only use information for the purposes for which we collected it – purposes which are directly related to one of our functions or activities. Information will not be disclosed to another organisation within the same or any industry for commercial use. From time to time, personal information may be shared with Big Green Surgical New Zealand. Customer information may be disclosed to a third party (usually another customer) as a reference or to assist in technical support or service issues. Disclosure will occur only upon verbal agreement with the customer whose records are concerned. ​ Customer information may be disclosed to a third party in cases where: ​ Big Green Surgical has the consent of the customer concerned Big Green Surgical is required by law or legal process to make the disclosure Data Security We take steps to protect the personal information we hold against loss, unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure, and against other misuse. ​ The security of the data is ensured through implementation of the following: Prevention of loss of data through documented back-up procedures Prevention of data being stolen through isolation and daily lock-up of all electronic records Prevention of hacking – no external connection to server. All external communications occur through a router equipped with a firewall Prevention of manipulation of data – all access to customer data through either our customer relationship management database or our accounting database are password protected. The database managers can view all changes and who made them. When the personal information that we collect is no longer required, we destroy or delete it in a secure manner. Openness On request, this document outlining information handling will be available to any customer or person whose records are held by Big Green Surgical. You have the right to view any personal information that we hold about you and you can ask us to correct the personal information we hold about you. This does not include sales history or information which may directly affect future sales negotiations. Customers have the opportunity to request removal from the contact database at any time or to refuse marketing material and other communications. You can unsubscribe from our email list by using the ‘unsubscribe’ options noted in our emails. Variation of Privacy Policy and How to Contact Us Big Green Surgical may change this privacy policy from time to time to keep in line with current legislation. Big Green Surgical will update its website to reflect the new privacy policy. If a customer disagrees with changes that are made to the privacy policy, or (a) feels that Big Green Surgical is not complying with this privacy policy (b) wishes to seek access to their personal information (c) or has any other privacy concerns ​ They can contact us via: email: postal address: Big Green Surgical 46 Albert Street, Preston, Vic 3172 phone: 1300 244 473 (AUS) or 0800 424 769 (NZ) >

  • Laparoscopic Products | Big Green Surgical

    Laparoscopic Surgery Products YelloPort +Plus® Resposable® port access system High Quality, Cost effective, Low environmental impact. Available in 3mm and 5mm Choice of luer, non luer or stopcock fittings Micro-thread and threaded options for enhanced retention Silicone valve technology with low friction & sealing Product Brochure YelloPort Elite® Resposable® port access system With Universal Seal that accommodates 5 - 12mm instruments Lightweight and low profile design Full range of obturator options No Balloon required Product Brochure Microline ReNew Laparoscopic Handpieces Reposable Laparoscopic instruments Reusable Renew IV Handpieces High Quality Laparoscopic Handpieces Low environmental impact Cost savings Available in ratcheted and non-ratcheted Available in sizes: 25cm, 34cm, 42cm Product Brochure Microline ReNew Single Use Laparoscopic Tips Reposable Laparoscopic instruments A full range of scissors, graspers and dissectors. High quality laparoscopic tips. This solution provides: Highest quality laparoscopic solutions​ Low environmental impact Cost savings Product Brochure Cholangiography Forceps The Cholangiography Forceps introduce, correctly position, and secure a catheter for intra-operative imaging of the gallbladder or bile duct. Easy catheter insertion with one-piece cannulated shaft Tactile feedback for accurate closure around the duct Ergonomic and comfortable design Single-Use and full disposable Cost Effective Product Brochure Endoractor The Endoractor is a cellulose endoscopic sponge for retracting the small intestine. It is inserted laparoscopically, placed into position and uses saline to increase the size of the sponge. Secures a good visual surgical field without the descent of organs No need to use Trendelenburg to position organs Reduces tissue trauma compared to other retractors X-ray detectable Available in sizes: 20cm, 24cm, Type JL Product Brochure 1 2 1 ... 1 2 ... 2 >

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