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  • Covid19 Response | Big Green | Covid19 Response

    Covid-19 Response Partnering with leading surgical smoke evacuation capital & consumables, surgical instruments, bariatric products, chemistries, patient positioning devices and other latest medical device technologies. Big Green Surgical is committed to the safety of all employees, their families, its customers and our suppliers. Over the past 10 weeks we have adapted to a new way of living and working. We at Big Green have implemented strategies and activities to safeguard staff, operations and business activities. Early on a Management Committee was initiated to adjust both Big Green Surgical’s COVID-19 response approach in line with the local Government and Diploma PLC guidelines. The following measures were undertaken to protect the employees and to ensure the continuity of business: Regular updates and Guidelines on Coronavirus were distributed to all employees by senior management, based on Australian Federal and State Government Guidelines and the New Zealand Government and DIPLOMA PLC Guidelines, All non-critical travel was postponed, Additional hygiene processes were introduced at offices to minimise the potential COVID-19 spread, The Business Continuity Plan was developed which included discussions with Tender Contract Managers, supply chain partners, freight forwarders and road engagement and road freight line companies, A clear plan was raised for employees who were to remain at the offices for critical business reasons, including social distancing, The warehouse has split shifts, COVID-19 safety Guidelines were introduced at the Safety meetings, Big Green reminded employees of the Mental Health programs already in place and provided additional organisations’ names for assistance, Employees were reminded that if they were unwell, they should work from home, take time off and if necessary be tested for COVID-19. We have continued with support for our customers via virtual product in-services and training. Big Green values your business and it is our commitment to keep our customers informed as we commence our return to normal working arrangements. In preparation for the return to normal working arrangements Big Green Surgical is implementing the following: Funding Flu injections for all staff Undergoing COVID-19 training for all employees Providing PPE and hygiene products for field employees Please link to the Johnny Thompson, Chief Executive Office of Diploma PLC as he thanks all those in the front line - >

  • Laparoscopic Products | Big Green Surgical

    Laparoscopic Surgery Products YelloPort +Plus® Resposable® port access system High Quality, Cost effective, Low environmental impact. Available in 3mm and 5mm Choice of luer, non luer or stopcock fittings Micro-thread and threaded options for enhanced retention Silicone valve technology with low friction & sealing Product Brochure YelloPort Elite® Resposable® port access system With Universal Seal that accommodates 5 - 12mm instruments Lightweight and low profile design Full range of obturator options No Balloon required Product Brochure Microline ReNew Laparoscopic Handpieces Reposable Laparoscopic instruments Reusable Renew IV Handpieces High Quality Laparoscopic Handpieces Low environmental impact Cost savings Available in ratcheted and non-ratcheted Available in sizes: 25cm, 34cm, 42cm Product Brochure Microline ReNew Single Use Laparoscopic Tips Reposable Laparoscopic instruments A full range of scissors, graspers and dissectors. High quality laparoscopic tips. This solution provides: Highest quality laparoscopic solutions​ Low environmental impact Cost savings Product Brochure Cholangiography Forceps The Cholangiography Forceps introduce, correctly position, and secure a catheter for intra-operative imaging of the gallbladder or bile duct. Easy catheter insertion with one-piece cannulated shaft Tactile feedback for accurate closure around the duct Ergonomic and comfortable design Single-Use and full disposable Cost Effective Product Brochure Endoractor The Endoractor is a cellulose endoscopic sponge for retracting the small intestine. It is inserted laparoscopically, placed into position and uses saline to increase the size of the sponge. Secures a good visual surgical field without the descent of organs No need to use Trendelenburg to position organs Reduces tissue trauma compared to other retractors X-ray detectable Available in sizes: 20cm, 24cm, Type JL Product Brochure 1 2 1 ... 1 2 ... 2 >

  • The Company | Big Green

    Our Company Partnering with leading surgical smoke evacuation capital & consumables, surgical instruments, bariatric products, chemistries, patient positioning devices and other latest medical device technologies. We are a trusted partner of a growing customer base and recognised as a provider of surgical solutions across surgical specialties. BGS is supported by an experienced, caring and trusted team of industry professionals. At Big Green Surgical we take great pride in the products we represent. We maintain a firm commitment to providing our customers with solutions that are driven by differentiation: emphasising patient outcomes and clinical efficiencies whilst providing a clear commercial benefit. We understand the complexities of our environment and deliver health care benefits that drive positive change for our customers. BGS is owned by Diploma Healthcare Group (DHG). DHG is the hospital and laboratories partner of choice for specialty medical devices, surgical equipment and IVD products. Diploma PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange. >

  • Patient Positioning | Big Green Surgical

    Patient Positioning Xodus Pink Pad® Prevent unwanted patient movement, including in steep Trendelenburg Prevent nerve damage Prevent surgical pressure injury Wick away moisture Maintain neutral temperature Available in Standard, XL and Cardiac Pad Product Brochure Xodus Pink Protect ICU Kit Unique design tailored to the requirements of Intensive Care and Critical Care Units Kit includes: Side Prone Headrest Dual Layer Pads in Standard & Large Pink Arcs Product Brochure Xodus Heart Pad EXT Kits Prevents Hospital Acquired Patient Injuries formation and prevents unwanted moisture Product Brochure Xodus Hip Kit® Smith & Nephew Table Go Postless Eliminates nerve injury risk Protect delicate skin from tears Avoid pressure injury to the groin Reduce post-operative pain & recovery times Greater range of motion during surgery No change to surgical technique Kits also available for the Hana table XDHIP40615H Product Brochure Xodus Reverse Trendeleburg Kit Anatomically designed to enhance patient safety Uniquely designed seat The soft, breathable material reduces risk of surgical pressure injuries Product Brochure Xodus Surgical Backpack® Spinal Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery With protective layer of DermaProx to safeguard skin and sensitive tissue Maximise patient safety while minimising preventable injuries Preconfigured to fit most tables Product Brochure 1 1 ... 1 ... 1 >

  • Surgical Plume Products | Big Green Surgical

    Surgical Plume Crystal Vision 450D Pump powered for faster & more responsive plume evacuation Intra-abdominal gas removed when 450-D turns off Low Flow range is unique - adjusts to the insufflator In-flow rate Pneumoperitoneal pressure is constantly monitored during laparoscopic procedures ULPA filter has a transparent fluid trap allowing debris to be visualised Charcoal filter provides cost savings: changed every 3 months. Product Brochure PenEvac1® and Non-Telescopic Pencils Slender, lightweight and ergonomic Compatible with any blade on the market With a 45 degree swivel handle Tubing connection rotates 360 degrees Textured, non-slip gripping surface and tactile-free buttons. Product Brochure Cimpax Tornado® Smoke Evacuation Pencil Unique ergonomic triangular design from tip to end Ultra-soft push buttons for enhanced comfort Maximum safety grip silicone cover Transparent tip for clear view of the electrode Flexible tubing with integrated ESU cable An extender is available for deeper cases Product Brochure RF Sensor Communicates directly with an ESU generators Direct Connect Cables are also available​. Product Brochure Speculum Tubing Connects directly to the speculum port for plume capture during Gynaecology procedures​​ Product Brochure ICM Safeguard Blue™ Hydrophobic Ulpa Filter ​ Product Brochure 1 2 1 ... 1 2 ... 2 >

  • News

    News NZAGS 2021 New Plymouth NZ BGS will be at booth #7 showcasing Bariatric and Laparoscopic products from the following suppliers: Surgical Innovations, Allurion, Bariatric Solutions International and Microline. Contact us if you would like further information. RACS ASC 2021 Melbourne AU Details to follow. >