Surgical Plume

Over many years of studying both clinical and patient oriented demands within this category, Big Green Surgical has compiled an extensive smoke evacuation product offering, providing us the unique ability to offer a truly complete solution to the end user. Dependant on compliance targets and clinical requirements, we deliver the Big Green spectrum of solutions ranging from hyfrecator procedures to the most complex open and laparoscopic applications.

The Penevac 1

The compliant choice for superficial and deep cases.  The Patented Telescopic PenEvac is the only device that enables Telescopic Extension without having to change  to a longer diathermy tip, saving time and money.  In addition, the PenEvac’s sleek profile and unique swivel adapter make it the most widely accepted handpiece on the market.

Your Product Partner

Combined with our expansive product range is Big Green’s unique and unparalleled commitment to delivering compliance.  Every hospital is different as are their requirements for surgical plume solutions – We like to sit down with our customers at the outset to understand how we can collectively tackle the issues at hand: This typically starts with education and finishes with clean air and a healthy, protected and happy workforce.  Contact us when you’re ready to start.

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