Surgical Accessories

Complementing our core electrosurgical range is a collection of niche products that deliver on innovation and operational efficiency. Tailored specifically to meet customer needs, Big Green offers customization at the most detailed level.

Customizable Sterile Med Labels

Sterile Medication Labels tailored to meet the unique needs and case load of each individual facility.  Big Green will partner with you and your team to deliver a customized collection of Permanent and EZ Peel labels of varying sizes and marker inclusions that are in line with recently released National Recommendations for User-applied Labelling of Injectible Medicines, Fluids and Lines.

Customizable Positioning Kits

Providing effective pressure relief is a growing area of concern in the perioperative setting.  Big Green understands this and has worked with our suppliers to provide customizable solutions that cater to a wide range of clinical need.

Pink Pad

Big Green goes Pink with the Pink Pad – A completely unique patient positioning system designed specifically to restrain patients in steep positions.  A revolutionary product that is quickly gaining international attention.

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