Instrument Cleaning

8 Big Green is Very Excited to introduce the Ruhof Range of Instrument Cleaning Solutions as the Newest Addition to our core product offering.  As the pioneer in instrument and scope care, Ruhof introduced the first enzymatic detergent to the market in 1976 and have been innovating ever since. Find out how the Ruhof Range can help reduce cross contamination in your facility


Industry Leading Range of Multi-Tiered Enzymatic Detergents designed to specifically address the varying needs of CSSD and Endoscopy Departments in all markets.  Products options comprise varying enzymatic layers and concentrations, pH levels, and fragrances for use in sinks (manual cleaning), tunnel washers, cart washers and ultrasonics.  Best in class detergents delivered in cost effective dose metrics.


An innovative range of products designed to promote the long lasting retention of moisture on soiled instruments and scopes, thus helping to prevent the adhesion of bio-burden.  Perfect for use in Operating Rooms, Endoscopy Suites, Outpatient Surgery, Dental and other departments where instruments are transported to decontamination.


2 Primary products in this category: Premixslip and Surgislip, both comprising of proprietary lubricant formulations that can withstand the high temperatures of autoclaving without becoming gummy.  Forming a protective barrier on surgical instruments, Premixslip prevents rusting, staining, and spotting while restoring articulation to sticky box-locks and joints. Used routinely as part of the Ruhof System, Premixslip will greatly reduce repair and replacement costs.


Surgistain is a quick, safe and efficient revitalizing solution that removes rust, pitting, stains and corrosion from stainless steel surgical instruments. Used routinely as part of the Ruhof System, Surgistain will help maintain the life and efficiency of your instruments and reduce repair and replacements costs.  Excellent for use on all ophthalmic and microsurgical instruments.


Verify Cleanliness and Measure Microbial Contamination on any Surface Including Hands in only 15 Seconds!  The Ruhof ATP Complete® is a rapid, simple and reliable method for verifying the effectiveness of the cleaning and decontamination process of all scopes and cannulated instruments.  The hand held Ruhof ATP Complete® and the ATP Test Swab allow you to measure the exact level of contamination on surgical instruments, case karts, hand hygene and any other surface in just 15 seconds.


Endozime® Sponges are uniquely contoured to fit around the outside sheath of scopes and are pre-saturated with Endozime® Bio-Clean to provide a quicker, more thorough pre-cleaning. Endozime Bio-Clean is a neutral pH, multi-tiered enzymatic detergent, specifically formulated to remove gross contaminants while targeting insoluble polysaccharides that encase Biofilm, exposing them to high level disinfectants or liquid chemical sterilants.


The Only ECO-FRIENDLY Bedside Care Kit that Removes Synthetic Lipids from Scope Surfaces and Internal Channels.  Featuring a Biodegradable tray and lid the ScopeValet™ ECO-Bedside Kit is designed for convenient bedside use to remove all contaminants from the outside sheath and inside channel of scopes.  Ruhof Eco-Bedside kit tray and lid are certified “OK Compost”, “OK Biobased” and 100% Biodegradable.


The ScopeValet™ Double Ended Hybrid Instrusponge® is a non-sterile, one-time use double ended cleaning brush/enzymatic foam tip combination designed to clean the internal channels of Endoscopes and Instruments.  The brushes provide both mechanical scrubbing of scope channels to safely remove debris and delivery of enzymatic detergent through these channels for improved cleaning.

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