Laparoscopic Products

Minimally Invasive meets Maximal Output – Driven by the success of the Megadyne PTFE Coating for open procedures, the Big Green Laparoscopic Portfolio delivers Quality and Innovation that is worthy of the Big Screen.

EZ Clean Laparoscopic Electrodes

Consisting of a complete range of fully disposable, Reposable and the All-in-One, the Big Green Electrode Range provides excellent dissection and coagulation for a variety of surgical applications, rendering procedures cleaner, safer and faster. They feature a proprietary, non-stick surface which resists eschar buildup and lasts the entire case – saving both time and money.

Single Use Laparoscopic Instrumentation

Big Green offers a full complement of disposable lap instruments including lap scissors, lap graspers and lap dissectors.  All products are designed to the highest quality standard and delivering consistency and durability in a disposable throughout both short and long procedures.

Laparoscopic Smoke Solutions

Surgical plume created during laparoscopic procedures has been proven to be cytotoxic and can have significant health implications to both patient and those exposed when vented from ports.  Big Green provides a range of solutions to combat this issue providing effective evacuation without loss of pneumo; enhancing safety while providing a clear field of view for the surgeon.

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