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BIG & GREEN – When it comes to Electrosurgical Innovation – We are as BIG as it gets. Big Green Surgical has been built on a foundation of providing best in class Electrosurgical Products supported by our long standing partnership with Megadyne – The Electrosurgical Authority. Through this partnership, we are able to offer the ANZ market a complete range of electrosurgical products including all capital and consumable devices as well as the very niche, innovative technology that Megadyne has developed over the years:

THE MEGAPOWER Electrosurgical Generator

Simple on the Outside, Advanced on the Inside

  • Nurse Friendly: Large, Easy to Read Display ensures Ease of Set – Up and Minimizes Risk while providing a pain free transition from pre-existing technology
  • Surgeon Friendly: Highest PER Rating in the industry ensures consistent and reliable Surgical Output, while the ACE Mode delivers an unrivalled Electrosurgical Cutting effect, eliminating the need for a scalpel
  • Budget Friendly: Purpose Built for Advanced Electrosurgery without any unnecessary bells and whistles ensuring cost viability across all theatres

The GREEN TIPS (aka the Original Non Stick Electrode)

  • First to develop and Patent PTFE as a coating for electrosurgical electrodes, the Megadyne Tips remain the best in the business.
  • Consisting of the strongest molecular bonds in organic chemistry, these tips are tough and hold up to excessive heat without breaking down, flaking or damaging insulation.
  • We offer a complete range from standard 2.5 inch blades to our Mega Fine range of micro dissection needles – Regardless of the procedure; we can provide you with a tip that will deliver consistent energy with optimal tissue effect.

Mega Soft Patient Return Electrode (aka the BIG GREEN MAT)

50 Million Procedures, Zero Pad Site Burns

  • Mega Soft can be used in a variety of surgical procedures and positions, providing a safe and easy to use return electrode combined with an effective O.R. Table pressure reduction pad.
  • Mega Soft lives on the O.R. Table and eliminates the need to attach a sticky plate to the patient and the risks associated with this.
  • Mega Soft also provides incredible cost and environmental benefits by eliminating the need to stock, order, inventory and control a disposable item as well as eliminating the waste generated from consumable usage

The ACE System – “Advanced Cutting Effect”

  • When combining the patented ACE mode on the Mega Power ESU with the unique geometry of the ACE blade and the patented PTFE coating, the result is a cutting effect so efficient it can replace a Scalpel in the OR.
  • The E-Z Clean PTFE coating represents the strongest bond in organic chemistry, minimizes eschar build up and enhances surgical effect and saving time.
  • From skin to skin this combination provides the cutting precision of a scalpel with the surgical efficiency of electrosurgery for incision, coagulation and dissection.


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